laboratory showing tensile strength test equipment

Quality Philosophy Behind The Success

At El-Nawawy Companies, we built our business over a well-studied structure of Quality Control & Management.

This philosophy stems from our belief that product quality is the mainstay to “Construct, Run, and Grow” a successful business.

This philosophy is the solid base on which we built a business that lasted for over 50 years.

Linen Quality Enviroment

Humidity is of utmost importance for high quality flax and linen yarn production.

In our mill, we use state-of-the-art humidity system for controlling and monitoring humidity levels. The system adapts to the environmental climate changes to maintain the best humidity levels for the fibers.

Lab. Tests

  1. Tensile Strength
  2. Black Board Yarn Pattern.
  3. Yarn’s Twist Per Meter (TPM) Analysis.
  4. Yarn Count Analysis.
  5. Dying Color Fastness Tests.
quality iso certificate for el nawawy for oil and seeds company